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Dinner at Verzon House – Tasty Burgers & Perfect Puds

2014 07 22 verzon house hotel dinner 08

I spoke to a charming elderly gentleman in the dining room at Verzon House. He reminisced about the previous owners generosity towards him when his wife had to go into care. He told me how grand the dining room had been, with it’s polished wooden tables, how there was always warm bread and butter, small squares of smoked salmon sandwiches when you ordered a drink at the bar, and how the double G&Ts were actually double doubles. He also said that he had to forget all of that. This is a lovely new place, a different place, the food is still wonderfully good, and the other place is just a memory.

2014 07 22 verzon house hotel dinner 02

2014 07 22 verzon house hotel dinner 03

We talked across the empty dining room before our meals, and the other diners, arrived.

2014 07 22 verzon house hotel dinner 01

2014 07 22 verzon house hotel dinner 05

I had the  The Verzon Burger, Triple Cooked Chips, Three Cabbage Coleslaw. It arrived, attractively presented on a mica slate, the chips in a cute little pan, and everything a little bit too neatly balanced for my fat hands and need for mayonnaise.

2014 07 22 verzon house hotel dinner 09

The two little white dishes contained the coleslaw made of savoy, red cabbage and carrot, with a peppery aftertaste, and a light salsa with the unmistakable flavours of fresh runner beans, red onion and olive oil.

2014 07 22 verzon house hotel dinner 04

2014 07 22 verzon house hotel dinner 11

In their sweet little pan sat the big fat triple cooked chips, with a gently crispy exterior and a white soft centre.

The battered onion slices, like tasty onion petals, were perfect (and, I think, preferable to onion rings) – slightly salted batter, crisp and light, encasing sweet juicy white onion.

2014 07 22 verzon house hotel dinner 10

2014 07 22 verzon house hotel dinner 06

2014 07 22 verzon house hotel dinner 07

A beautifully seasoned and sweet Hereford beef burger sat beneath two slices of ripe red tomato and some simple green lettuce, in a soft white glazed bun which was topped with sesame and poppy seeds. The burger had a gently sweet and sticky caramelised outer, having been glazed with a local real ale caramel and cooked to perfection on the Josper Grill.

2014 07 22 verzon house hotel dinner 13

For pudding I couldn’t resist the Tonka Bean Panna Cotta with Poached Cherries. I’ve had Tonka before, a couple of years ago, in the Czech Republic, but the language barrier didn’t allow me full understanding of what I was eating, and the enjoyment soon overtook the need to know. Then I forgot to look it up.

2014 07 22 verzon house hotel dinner 14

Like a stronger tasting vanilla, Tonka beans are related to peas and look like shrivelled and rolled rabbit droppings. According to Wikipedia the use of Tonka beans in the food industry is banned in the US. Oooo!

2014 07 22 verzon house hotel dinner 16

Still, I enjoyed the most deliciously creamy and smooth Panna Cotta I’ve ever eaten. It really was perfect. The Tonka flavour is sweet and rich without being overpowering. The balance with the alcohol laced poached dark cherries really was quite delightful, and I managed to eat all of the velvety goodness, of course!

Thank you Verzon House for a delicious meal, Head Chef Callum McDonald, you’ve done it again!

Two Perfect Nights at Verzon House Hotel, Ledbury (1 of 2)

2014 07 22 verzon house hotel 43

My day has gone from forcing a chicken to be sick, to overseeing metal fabrication and lugging rusty lumps around, to my current position of relaxing in a big squishy bed nest at the beautiful Verzon House Hotel.

2014 07 22 verzon house hotel 09

2014 07 22 verzon house hotel 19

I’m back in Trumpet. Perhaps this is my spiritual home. I think so.

2014 07 22 verzon house hotel 01

After a long ol’ sleepy drive to Ledbury, and a busy day of pointing, carrying, and pointing some more, I am delighted to be resting my head on the soft satin cotton pillowcases and enjoying the light breeze through the open sash windows.

2014 07 22 verzon house hotel 10

2014 07 22 verzon house hotel 12

I also very much enjoyed listening to a big fat Ferrari drive off just now. Warrrp, warrrrp, warrrrp, through the gears. I don’t think he was giving it enough welly though.

2014 07 22 verzon house hotel 11

2014 07 22 verzon house hotel 03

2014 07 22 verzon house hotel 04

I’m in the newly appointed Room 1 (just across the corridor from the room I stayed in on my last visit). It’s a whopper. When Lauren brought me up and opened the door we were both stunned. The new owners are working their way through the hotel, updating and redesigning everything, and this room has had the treatment. I’m it’s lucky first guest, and I am being very careful!

2014 07 22 verzon house hotel 13

I think we have the same carpet in our house, but we don’t have a freestanding bath in our bedroom, a huge walk-in closet or a toilet set in a deep alcove with a motion sensor light above it.

2014 07 22 verzon house hotel 05

The shower is immense, the bath is relaxing, but the toilet unnerved me a little!

2014 07 22 verzon house hotel 14

2014 07 22 verzon house hotel 07

You know, I’ve stayed at Verzon House before and loved it. I remember the big squishy bed, I’m sure it was the nicest bed I’ve slept in. I also remember that I couldn’t get wifi in my room and had to spend a lot of time in the bar with my laptop for company, but now there’s very good wifi and I’m drinking tea and surfing the net from the big squishy bed. Hooray!

2014 07 22 verzon house hotel 16

2014 07 22 verzon house hotel 18

The room is lovely, calm and clear. Subtle tones. Perhaps in need of a painting on the big, smooth wall, or a full length mirror, that’d be most handy. There’s everything I need here though, and there are nice touches like the little handmade biscuits and the different books and magazines in each room.

2014 07 22 verzon house hotel 33

2014 07 22 verzon house hotel 36

I noticed some other changes in the House too: the lights in the restaurant are different, the hall and stairs are newly carpeted and the amazing french chandeliers I’d been told about now hang gloriously in the stairwell.

It’s so lovely, I’m glad to be back.

2014 07 22 verzon house hotel 48

Verzon House Hotel is situated in the village of Trumpet, just outside Ledbury in Herefordshire.

The rate for a Suite (like the one I stayed in) is £150 per night, for two people, including breakfast.

Thank you to the superb team at Verzon House for the most lovely stay, again!

Lotus Cup UK Speed Championship – Blyton Park (Round 6 & 7)

2014 07 13 lotus blyton sprint 16

The weekend went by in a blur of sunshine and smiles.

On Friday night we arrived late in Scunthorpe having met with roadworks and Burger King on the way. Of course we’d booked in to the Wortley House Hotel. We dumped our bags in our suite, the Queen Bess (I know, they treat me well!) and headed off to the bar for drinks with Alan, another Lotus driver who was staying at the hotel.

2014 07 12 lotus blyton sprint 06

Emma had sent me a message to let me know that she’d had her race suit sent to my hotel and for me to bring it along on Saturday. When I asked at reception they had no idea about this important package. There was concern that the courier may have got the wrong address, Wortley House Hotel were often receiving deliveries for the Warley House nursing home. I pictured confused elderly people being dropped off by accident at the hotel. Then I pictured The Stig in a wheelchair razzing about on an Axminster carpet. My levels of concern rose when I considered the possibilities of incontinence and the impact this might have on Emma’s enjoyment of the weekend. Luckily, I found out a bit later that there had been a right old cock-up and a replacement suit was going to be delivered to Emma at the track. Phew!

2014 07 12 lotus blyton sprint 13

We got up early, ate our breakfasts (the Crunchy Nut Cornflakes were much more sickly than I remember them) and headed over to Blyton Park. We were greeted by two massive hares, sunshine and loveliness.

2014 07 12 lotus blyton sprint 33

We signed on and all the drivers got given a special mug  printed with ‘Westfield Sports Car Club  – Blyton Sprint Weekend’. That’s the only cup I am going to get my mitts on at a motorsports event!

2014 07 12 lotus blyton sprint 20

We walked the course, had the drivers briefing, and then it was time to get on with the practice runs. I thought I’d have a slight advantage as I’d been to Blyton Park a couple of months ago for a driving course, I did recognise the track and I did have my bearings, but because I’d not been using the whole track to learn on (we did different exercises in different areas) I wasn’t as hot to trot as I’d thought I might be.

2014 07 12 lotus blyton sprint 10

It was an amazingly hot day. We sat in the shade and chatted over lunch. Emma organised us all, Xav made barbecue magic and I had a bun with both bacon and a sausage in it.

2014 07 12 lotus blyton sprint 21

Time for the timed runs, I made some stupid mistakes, like putting it into 4th instead of 2nd gear, (bloody idiot!) but on my 2nd and 3rd timed runs I struggled with getting it into 3rd gear and I think that was down to the heat, not my foolishness.

2014 07 12 lotus blyton sprint 08

As I was wandering around looking for Adam, I bumped into Xav’s wife Rachel, ‘He’s just gone on the grass!’ she said. Well, it seems he did go on the grass, yes, yes he did. He went off the track, flat-out, onto the grass, then he was launched from a small hump, all four wheels off the ground into a field of wheat, where he disappeared from view. Some moments later he emerged from this grassy other dimension with a small harvest in his front grill and shot over the finish line, still faster than everyone else!

2014 07 12 lotus blyton sprint 26

2014 07 12 lotus blyton sprint 17

I can’t believe I missed it. Adam recounted it so clearly that I can picture it well, and it makes me smile!

2014 07 12 lotus blyton sprint 29

I was lucky enough to be up on the bank with the other spectators to see Duncan coming through the finish line though, almost sideways, one way, then the other, then the other! He did really well to control it. The crowd even cheered and gave him a round of applause.

2014 07 12 lotus blyton sprint 27

Dave says that all he sees is Tarmac and danger. Looking at this photo (above) I can understand that!

2014 07 12 lotus blyton sprint 23

In the end I managed a time of 88.82 seconds, just 0.74 seconds behind the next driver, and 9th out of 9. I wasn’t disappointed though, I really enjoyed myself and was excited for the next day.

We went back to our hotel and met up with Rob and Sarah for dinner. They brought me a cool little nodding turtle from Turkey. I like it. It seems we are always at the Wortley with these guys, even though none of us live nearby!

2014 07 12 wortley house hotel scunthorpe dinner 04

Later, when Adam was sleeping, I popped into the main hotel building to see if I could borrow a pen and I was hit by a wall of sound. Agadoo. In Scunthorpe. For a minute I was allowed the marvellous thought that this was the most popular choice tune for a party night out in town and that everyone was living in a pineapple and palm tree clad timewarp. Then I was told it was a school reunion, I was a little bit disappointed.

2014 07 13 lotus blyton sprint 13

It rained heavily on Saturday night, all night. We slept well in Queen Bess. When I did wake up I could hear passing cars splashing heavily through deep puddles. We ate breakfast and headed back over to Blyton Park.

2014 07 13 lotus blyton sprint 04

Up at Bunga Bunga (yes, that is a great name for a corner!) an army of slugs had invaded the track and were in the process of making a slippery trap for us all, probably so that they could send us off and rob us for spares.

2014 07 13 lotus blyton sprint 05

The Westfield’s all went out first and cleared the slugs, but I was hesitant on my first practice as I thought the track might still be wet, slimy and/or sluggy. My first practice was slower than Saturday’s, but my second one was over a second faster than my best time on Saturday – that was promising.

2014 07 13 lotus blyton sprint 15

Sarah (a super ace driver who joined the LoT gang this weekend) showed me the video of her lap. I sat in the back of her trailer and felt like I was on location with the BBC, or MI5 surveillance. Her driving was speedy and smooth. She went home with two trophies.

2014 07 13 lotus blyton sprint 10

I wore my balaclava under my helmet for the first time this weekend and it was great. I had thought that the extra layer would make me warmer, but it actually made things more bearable. Unfortunately it makes me look like Mrs Potato Head. I told Rob to look away other wise he’d get a craving for chips.

2014 07 12 lotus blyton sprint 06

On Saturday I got talking to a driver called Heather, and her dad, with whom she shared a 306 Rallye. They were really lovely, he seemed like such a nice dad and was really proud of his daughter. Proper family man. On my last run, I drove through the finish line, saw my time, felt chuffed with myself and looked up at the bank of spectators to see them both jumping up and down cheering for me! So lovely.

2014 07 13 lotus blyton sprint 18

We stayed for the prize giving at the end of the day, and I did my best clapping. I’m very pleased with my own improvements, not particularly against the other drivers (although I am always surprised that I am anywhere near the times of anyone else) but against myself. I ended up with a best time of 85.48 seconds, 7th out of 9 and dead chuffed.

It was a wonderful weekend. I’ve met so many lovely people. Everyone is so friendly and tolerant of my bad jokes. How lucky am I?

(These many photos of cars were all taken by Adam. Good work Adam!)

They Said it Would Rain, so We Went to The Sea

2014 07 05 hunstanton seaside 02

We spent most of the weekend decorating. The weather was forecast to rain, so we didn’t mind staying indoors with the paint and the brushes. The only thing we did mind was that the cheeky decorators who we’d paid to decorate our hallway had taken our cash and not come back to finish the job!

2014 07 05 hunstanton seaside 01

It didn’t rain, so on Saturday evening we took a break and drove to the sea. We are really lucky to live this close to the sea. I like exploring and poking around at stuff.

2014 07 05 hunstanton seaside 16

2014 07 05 hunstanton seaside 05

2014 07 05 hunstanton seaside 06

2014 07 05 hunstanton seaside 08

Sea lettuce, and a rock that looks like a heart – excellent beach finds!

2014 07 05 hunstanton seaside 09

2014 07 05 hunstanton seaside 12

2014 07 05 hunstanton seaside 21

My ongoing quest for sea glass resulted in the discovery of this one piece. One plain piece.

2014 07 05 hunstanton seaside 13

2014 07 05 hunstanton seaside 15

I did find this dried up old rose which had been reclaimed nature. Decorated by mermaids I think. I didn’t bring it home though.

2014 07 05 hunstanton seaside 11

The Vole & The Compost Heap

2014 06 30 compost heap vole baby 05

The other evening Adam brought me a gift – rather like a cat, he came to the back door with a look of delight and a small mammal.

This beautiful little chap had been uncovered when Adam was tending to the compost heap. He must have disturbed a nest, he didn’t realise until he was raking it out and the chickens were having a rummage. Worried that this tiny mite would become a chicken snack, he picked him up.

2014 06 30 compost heap vole baby 06

We follow the rule that you do not disturb nature, and you let nature take it’s course (since I was involved in the terrible dove and hawk incident of 2011). But as we had disturbed nature, and there was no sign of his family, we felt it was right for us to take care of him.

The consensus is that he is a vole. I called him Claude – it wasn’t intentional.

2014 06 30 compost heap vole baby 04

I turned to my facebook friends for help, and they were amazing! Mickey is a lover and saver of animals, and a taxidermist. She advised us on what, when and how to feed him. Emma, my other taxidermist friend (I swear I only know two!) gave us the details of a fairly local Wildlife Hospital.

2014 06 30 compost heap vole baby 07

I fed Claude and he zonked out, so much so that I thought I had killed him. I was sad. Adam went to look and found him snoring away, he was okay, well fed and sleeping. Relief!

2014 06 30 compost heap vole baby 02

We called the Wildlife Hospital and Dinah, the lady who runs it, told us we could bring him over right away. She prepared a box and a heat pad for his arrival. We wrapped him up in a cake box and wood shavings.

2014 06 30 compost heap vole baby 01

We found the hospital, dropped him off andÂ… hang on a minute – there were deer in the dining room! Two beautiful little deer. They were like little dogs, kind of like whippets, they liked a good fuss, chewed my hand and licked Adam’s legs. Then, THEN, Dinah asked if we’d like to meet the sheep that they’d rescued and rehabilitatedÂ… erm, yes! She opened the door and called, ‘Harry! Harry!’ and this huge big dollop rounded the corner at speed, lolloping along with a slightly crazed expression on his lovely big face, I am sure he was smiling! He was massive. Massive. And he liked a fuss and a rub too!

It was really incredible to meet these wonderful animals, and Dinah, who is so kind and caring to them all. I have to go back there. I need to hang out with the animals.

I’m waiting to hear back and find out if little Claude has survived, I have my fingers and eyes crossed.