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A Rainy Tuesday in Prague

2014 05 27 33 prague

We got up late on Tuesday morning, Adam had managed to sleep a lot of his cold off, and I was just really pleased for a rest. Everyone else had been up much earlier and already headed off for Amsterdam.

2014 05 27 31 prague

2014 05 27 34 prague

2014 05 27 09 prague cafe du paris

We checked out of the hotel, put our cases in the baggage room and headed off to the Hotel Paris for lunch. I loved this place when we visited a couple of years ago, and I really wanted to go back and enjoy the beautiful and calm Art Nouveau decor and ambience. What a truly beautiful place.

2014 05 27 25 prague

It started to rain heavily and thunder, so we took shelter in a large shopping centre and got bored quickly. When the rain let off enough, we walked down to the river and up to Charles Bridge.

2014 05 27 29 prague

2014 05 27 07 prague

2014 05 27 03 prague

2014 05 27 06 prague


2014 05 27 28 prague

Last time we were in Prague we visited MOYA, the Museum of Young Artists, and I was absolutely blown away by it! It was the most incredible amalgamation of contemporary art, beautiful architecture and social history. I was very sad, and very shocked, to find that it had been closed down. We couldn’t glean any more information from the lady in the book shop there. I have no idea why something so spectacular would be closed.

2014 05 27 26 prague

2014 05 27 05 prague

2014 05 27 02 prague



Eventually we wandered back to Novotel Prague and got our taxi to the airport where we had our last Czech meal of Sausage and Pretzel. Adam slept on the plane, and I gawped out the window at the glow of the sun on the horizon through the blue and grey haze. The plane smelt of dinners in nursing homes and was very noisy. The pilot said the wind was in our favour, I’m not sure about that, but we landed at Stansted 90 minutes later.

We were very lucky that Robs girlfriend Sarah had organised a hire car for us, so within minutes we’d grabbed the car and were traipsing through puddles in search of a Fiat 500. When we found the car we also found a small man in the back seat. It seems that within the space of Adam pressing the button to unlock the car and help us spot it in the dark, this chap had thought he’d found his car and managed to fill the front and back seats with his many things. Once we managed to get him and his stuff out, we drove home in the Fiat mega bus and went straight to bed.

Czecheap Challenge was awesome. I can’t imagine any other way to have such a fun-packed few days with friends.