I Like Cars

CAR SHOW: RollHard x Bicester Heritage 2021

It’s been a while. No cars, no shows, no waft of chips and cherry flavoured air freshener. I was glad to be invited back to Rollhard at Bicester Heritage, to enjoy the cars and the atmosphere. 

750 cars on show, and 2200 attendees… that’s 2.93 people per car!

For the organisers the highlight was the Benetton F1 car they’d secured for display. For me it was the location layout – cars parked around the whole site, framed by big dark trees and old red brick buildings (some restored, some waiting); the campus-like feel of the old RAF WW2 bomber station now a centre for motoring heritage and innovation.

It rained, it was beautiful, even serene. I knelt in a puddle and I didn’t mind.

Here are some photos for you…