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ENGLAND: 300 Years of Peckover House, Wisbech

Peckover House, built exactly 300 years ago on ‘one of the finest Georgian brick streets of England’ according to Pevsner, is a beautiful Georgian townhouse, owned by the National Trust since 1948, and never not lived in.

The spring sunshine worked its way round the house, falling through the tall windows with a soft golden glow. In an empty house it seems strange to make a noise, but I did say ‘this is nice’ several times, incase the ghosts were listening. I couldn’t avoid the creak of the floorboards as I stepped gently towards the bedroom window to look out across the Brink to the cat food factory. I’m always intrigued by juxtaposition, and town planning. 

 A lovely house, two acres of fabulous gardens, in an interesting and overlooked Fenland town. Worth a visit if you can make it, but if not, here are some photos so we imagine visiting together, or maybe just moving in.

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