Everyday Life

EVERYDAY LIFE: From Winter into Spring

The other morning, I saw an empty Andrex wrapper fly past the window. It moved fast along the top of the trees, did a loop the loop at the end of the road, then turned left and headed into the village.

It’s been the strangest time. You don’t need me to tell you that.

In the midst of peek loo roll stockpiling my friend Charly revealed that her mum grew up using newspaper instead of toilet paper, and when that wasn’t available, they used finished corn cobs.

Distractions are a good thing, so are routines and goals.

It was only couple of weeks ago that I was in Holland with Shutter Hub, launching a massive project (Postcards from Great Britain) at Haarlem’s famous Hotel Lion d’Or.

Days later the Dutch government shut down group gatherings, and then they shut down pretty much everything in the Netherlands. To some extent, we knew what was coming.

It seems frivolous to write to you now. But, what else will I do? Here are a few nice things.

I found two combs. One in Waitrose carpark, and one in Hotel Lion d’Or. #combtheory

I got invited to dinner at the Dutch Ambassador’s residence in London. (It was cancelled, but it was still a nice idea).

Our friends Matt and Natasha got married and it was a very nice day. I came home with a black eye, but that only happened at the end of the night. (I was getting into the car and the wind slammed the door in my face).

I got my motorsport license again and signed up for Lotus Cup UK Speed Championship. The first couple of rounds have been cancelled, but I’m keeping everything crossed. (Of course, I’ll uncross it all when I get in the car. Safety first).

The Postcards from Great Britain exhibition in Haarlem has been extended until the summer in the hope people will be able to enjoy it then. It contains 326 postcard sized images and I stuck each and every one of them up myself. (I also stuck the window vinyl up but removed half of it when it got stuck to my hand).

We’ve been working extra hard to help people through Toiletries Amnesty this month, supplying toiletries, soap and hand sanitiser to over 100 organisations across the UK. If you can help, please get in touch.

Shutter Hub launched two free calls for entries – Working from Home, and Everyday Delight (the Stay at Home Edition), as well as the call for entries to the OPEN 2020 Amsterdam, and, announced 20 membership bursaries to help photographers out a bit. Click those links, get involved!

I got the ferry from Newcastle to IJmuiden and wrote You Snooze… You Two Night Mini Cruise. It’s worth a read.

A photograph I took of the inside of a swan’s leg bone has been featured in a book about the geometry of objects, called Exploring Scale Symmetry by Tom Lowe.

I’ll just leave these photos here.

Even if we don’t know each other, we are friends, and if you need anything, I’ll be here.