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It Takes Ten Hours to Stuff a Crow


There are not enough hours in the day. I mean, it takes ten hours to stuff a crow, it’s hard to fit everything in. I know I sound like a broken record but, I’ve been busy, really busy.

I was invited by Emma at Thorpe Lodge Taxidermy to have a go at stuffing a crow. How could I refuse? Emma was really lovely to learn from, friendly and informative, fun and helpful. When I arrived my crow was laid out on the table for me, waiting. At first I wasn’t sure if I would be able to do it, you know, take it’s innards out, but as I got on with the job in hand it became very methodical and educative. I learnt a lot about the anatomy of birds. I let Emma empty the skull whilst I examined the blueberry-like eyes that had been removed. I ended up with an empty crow, we washed it and dried it with a hairdryer, like an old feathery fur coat. Then we filled it with the right things and put him in position – Sebastian Crow.


We also ate the most beautiful Pavlova. I am sure a taxidermy tea break would not be complete without a delicious sweet treat.


Sebastian Crow has to wear his pins for a few more days, just to make sure he stays beautiful.


On Monday I did a track day at Bedford with my friend Rob, he’s a really awesome driver, I could learn a lot from him. It was a bit rainy, and slippery, three cars came off on the sighting lap!


Later in the day I managed to spin off in front of a Skoda Fabia, it was fast, the shame. There were a lot of really cool fast cars there, and a Vauxhall Calibra. We ate lunch like ten year olds, laughed a lot and talked too much about crows.

In other news…


We got a new chicken, a 21 week old Crested Cream Legbar. She’s called Sasha Minter Pork Chop. She is very nice. Soft with hot feet.


I found this little chap in the car park of a motorway services. I think I spend a lot time looking down, I find all sorts of things. The other day I found an envelope in the road, sometimes I find spoonsgloves and rainbows. I’m usually looking for combs.


Lovely Amy from Corkers Crisps sent us a crisp selection pack. They make good crisps. I’m off to find out more about crisps soon. Yes!


Mummy Harvey and I went for Champagne afternoon tea at Wadenhoe House, it was a trick – they served Prosecco! It was a bit of a weird place really, Mum thought I was prematurely dropping her off at a nursing home, I thought they could have given me an adult sized scone.


My friend Jane gave me this vintage medicine bottle for my birthday. We think it is either full of Chloroform or poison. Either way, I love it!


This isn’t really my news, but the farmers have been busy and it looks nice.


This is my news, I’m curating an exhibition called Alternative Photography at The Engine Room in Mossley, near Manchester. It’s another of our Shutter Hub exhibitions, I can’t wait! The ‘call for entries’ is here.

I’m also doing lots of Professional Development talks for Shutter Hub in Universities and Colleges across the UK this autumn. It’s all good, they are free and designed to help and support emerging photographers.

2014 08 29 crown and mitre pub kings lynn 01

Lyndall introduced me to a rather strange little pub, the Crown and Mitre in Kings Lynn. Proper old school. It overlooks the river. We watched the foot passenger ferry go back and forth and ate Scampi and chips.


And that probably isn’t that really, but it’s everything I have to say today! I’ve got to go, Adam’s back from Norway with some gross salty sweets and some weird cheese that tastes like Caramac.

I share lots of photos of such culinary delights, and of course cats and chickens, daily on Instagram, harveyhotdog is my name, lets be Instagram friends?