Mallorca – The End Already (5/5)

20150419 mallorca 053

Sunday’s breakfast buffet bonanza involved small cakes, sliced hotdogs with onions and a panpipes version of I can’t live, if living is without you.

20150419 mallorca 008

20150419 mallorca 078

Sturdily set up with breakfast stodge, and with only half a day left on the island, we needed to make the most of it and rushed down to the beach.

20150419 mallorca 068

20150419 mallorca 051

20150419 mallorca 055

20150419 mallorca 044

Kite surfers took advantage of the strong breeze and sticky sea air. Admiring the turquoise waters and blue skies, we ran straight in… and straight out again. Cold, cold water.

I don’t know why this still and solitary bathing man wasn’t a warning to us.

20150419 mallorca 074

20150419 mallorca 075

20150419 mallorca 034

20150419 mallorca 032

Jane bought a gazillion bizarre and random gifts for her son. If you’ve been looking for a fridge magnet in the shape of an electric guitar and with The Scorpions band logo on it, to celebrate their 50th anniversary, you need to head to Mallorca – they’re all there! (Click the link, you know you want to!)

20150419 mallorca 097

20150419 mallorca 095

We headed back to hotel to grab our bags, say goodbye, and have one last quick drink on the terrace.

20150419 mallorca 022

20150419 mallorca 109

20150419 mallorca 108

Somebody had put a Lion bar in the swimming pool.

20150419 mallorca 099

2 thoughts on “Mallorca – The End Already (5/5)”

  1. The brightness and beautiful natural colours over in Spain and the islands always makes for the perfect photo taking wouldn’t you say?
    I always like to make the most out of my last day and am glad to see you did too.

    Also, thankfully it was only a Lion bar…


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