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Mallorca – Hunting Cats & Closed Hotels (4/5)

20150418 mallorca 007

Back in Arenal we went on a cat hunt. At one point I was stood in some bushes behind the Hotel Bahamas with around 14 cats. Yes, I know how to holiday!

20150418 mallorca 068

20150418 mallorca 032

20150418 mallorca 009

20150418 mallorca 030

20150418 mallorca 021

20150418 mallorca 092

We did some exploring, searched the shops for Lion bars and wondered how we might fashion our own with a Sharpie pen and a squashed pastry.

20150418 mallorca 002

20150418 mallorca 062

20150418 mallorca 055

There were so many empty hotels around the Hotel Torre Azul. Some looked abandoned, some looked like they could just be closed for the winter, and others looked like they might be made of cardboard and fall down at any moment.

20150419 mallorca 026

We went inside the empty Hotel Alegria (above, front left) and had a look around. The owner invited us to do so after we smiled (grimaced) at her large dog as it strenuously pooed on the pavement.

20150418 mallorca 045

Apparently this installation is a one-off… that’s a relief!

20150418 mallorca 044

We must have walked miles, up an down the streets and back down to the harbour as the sun began to set on our last evening in Mallorca.

20150418 mallorca 071

20150418 mallorca 076

We ate a Paella dinner on the seafront, and Jane bought a football for her little boy. It had to be deflated for transportation, and Jane said I could wear it the next day, in the pool, as a swimming hat.

20150418 mallorca 078

We laughed our way back to the hotel and fell straight to sleep.