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20150413 toiletries amnesty haul

For almost four years this blog post served as a way of connecting thousands of you with organisations across the UK and Ireland. I’m hugely grateful for your support, you’re all amazingly generous people, thank you. Since then, we’ve set up a charity and we’re working to build a global directory.

Please head over to to find out who needs your unwanted toiletries. Small actions make big changes. Thank you for getting involved.

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    1. Hi there. Did you get any information regarding somewhere in Devon or Cornwall? I’m in Exeter and keen to find somewhere.

  1. Hi

    We are a company based in Derbyshire. We have been collecting unwanted toiletries from our employees and now have a large and getting bigger collection – can you advise where if local to us



  2. Hey,
    I have nappies, maternity pads, breast pads etc. Is there somewhere I can post them too for a new mum who may be in need? I’m based in Devon.

  3. Hi, could you please send me the details for a London contact too? I have a lot of toiletries , particularly unopened soap to donate.
    Thank you

    1. Hi there, I’d also love the London contact. I’m in Wandsworth & Vauxhall a lot, so anywhere around there would be great!

  4. Hey, this is such a fabulous idea, have searched everywhere for a similar scheme!

    Could you please point me in the right direction for a London contact?

    Many thanks!

  5. I live in London and would love to donate but don’t have a car to do in person. Happy to post – please advise? Thanks! Lucy

  6. Hello,
    I’m in Nottingham, is there anywhere in this area I could donate to? Alternatively please provide a postal address and I’m happy to post.

  7. Hi! I have some unused nappies and baby products and some baby clothes as well! Can you give me an address? I am based in Lichfield Staffordshire!

  8. I’ve just dropped off a bag full of toiletries to Trinity (Winchester, Hampshire). Trinity are a Winchester based charity addressing the effects of homelessness, vulnerability, addiction, domestic abuse, mental ill health etc empowering positive change. They would be very happy to be included on the list!

  9. Hi there, anywhere in Hampshire? I have a collection of sanitary products and toiletries I would like to donate. Otherwise would happily have your postal address to donate to please. Thanks! Sophie

  10. Hi, I’d like to donate some unused sanitary products by post since I can’t drive/travel. Anywhere in the UK is fine.

  11. This is a brilliant idea! I have unused, part used and sanitary products to donate. Can you send me a postal address please, I’m in Cambs but no transport. Thanks.

  12. Hi I have a ton of hardly used sometimes only tried once toiletries and makeup what I would like to donate, I live in Northumberland/North East area, can anyone recommend a refuge or such where I can take or send them?

  13. I’ve got a few things I’d love to donate of there’s anywhere in the Margate sort of area of Kent that anyone knows of?

  14. Hello Karen,
    This is a fantastic initiative! I have boxes of part, barely and unissued products. I’m on the South London / Surrey border. Are you aware of anywhere nearby. I have a car and happy to drive to drop them off.
    Many thanks, Louise

  15. Hi Karen,

    I think what you are doing is very admirable and I would like to help in some way. I am part of a group on Facebook who are going through a process called Konmari, (Konmari Uk) basically we are getting rid of all the excess in our lives and often struggle to find charities which will accept our donations. This list is extremely helpful but a lot of places local to group members are not listed here. Would it be helpful if I were to contact various places to add to your database? I could email them the link to your page and ask them if they would be interested in joining, then ask them the questions you cover in the info above. It may be helpful to have another pair of hands. If you are interested please email me and I will send you a ‘draft’ email to approve, which I will then send to refuges and hostels.

    Many thanks Jessica

  16. I’m in York – I have some unwanted baby toiletries – is there somewhere here that will take them or somewhere I can post them please?

  17. Hi. Interested in the London details. My email to Solace Women’s Aid (from your directory) has been returned undeliverable.


  18. Such a great idea! I had so many hotel toiletries that I’ve made them up into sets and made a drawstring pouch for each set. I thought the local hospital could use them I have a friend who had to spend the night in hospital when her son became ill overnight and the ambulance people gave her some toiletries. I don’t know if my or any other hospitals will be interested but I’m going to find out today!

  19. Happy New Year. I’m in Northampton and have part-used toiletries to donate, maybe some unused makeup. Is there anywhere nearby? Otherwise happy to post. Thanks.

    1. Hi, yes, if you look in the directory you’ll see the info on the organisation Trust, Donations can be dropped off at Kilternan Parish Church, Kilternan, Co. Dublin.

  20. Hi ,
    The Brixton soup kitchen who provide food,clothes and toiletries for the homeless and Streatham drop in Center for refugees in London would appreciate this.

  21. What a great initiative! Could you add Housing for Women to the London list please? We have domestic violence refuges in Greenwich, Merton and Ealing, as well as a pan-London project with female victims of trafficking. Most of the women we work with struggle financially and would be very grateful for donations of toiletries such as shower gel, shampoo, sanitary products, deodorant, etc.


  22. Hello I was wondering if there was anywhere in Manchester I could donate my unwanted toiletries as im the kind of person that likes to try new things whether it’s lotion shampoo conditioner and finally found a couple that really help but realise I have quite a collection of shampoos conditioners lotion hairstyle products etc I can’t bear to throw them out some of them are very large bottles

  23. Hi, is there anywhere in Manchester? I have some toiletries that are not suitable for myself as my skin is very sensitive. I can’t bear to throw them all.

  24. Hi,

    I have lots of nearly new and brand new toiletries and make up I would like to donate and I’d also like to set up a collection at work.
    Do you know of anywhere in Manchester that would be interested in receiving this donation?


  25. We have men’s toiletries and unused socks etc which I’d love to give to a men’s charity. Often donate toiletries and makeup to women’s refuge charities but finding it hard to source men’s charities. Based in London but would actually prefer to post. Any suggestions? Or suggestions for charities taking toiletries for both sexes, AND other items like homeware and “bric-a-brac”? Moving soon and have a lot to donate.

  26. This is such a great idea! I always try and tell people to not give me any more toiletries as gifts because I hardly use more than a bar of soap and deodorant. But they are easy gifts so I get why people would give them.

    I’ll find somewhere local for this! Thank you!

  27. Hi I have 4 small boxes of mostly unused but some slightly used toiletries. Do you have a postal address of somewhere I can send them. I have limited transport availability but am able to get people to post things for me. I am based in Leicestershire.


  28. Hi there, can you send me a postal address for a box of donations please? Nowhere local to me at the moment 🙂

  29. I also have lots of hardly used toiletries needing somewhere to donate them ,,please help too good to throw away ,Huddersfield area

  30. Great idea – do you know of anywhere near Oxford where I could take some unopened packs of sanitary towels?
    Many thanks.

  31. Hi,
    I’m in Berkshire and desperately want to donate my toiletries and make up! If you could let me know the best place to post them to, I would really appreciate it!

    Thank you!

  32. Have cupboards full of unwanted /unused toiletries – need a postal address to send to please
    or drop off in Suffolk

  33. Hi! Having a clear out and have plenty to donate but no where local. Happy to post them wherever possible (especially for £3!)…

  34. We are a small business that has loads of mis shaped soaps, bath bombs etc that we would love to donate somewhere – any ideas? We are based near Swindon/Oxford.

  35. Hello, we have a lot of toiletry/cosmetics products we would like to donate before leaving the country in a couple of weeks. Could we have a postal address in London please? (we can’t drop off but can post anywhere pretty much). Thanks a lot.

  36. Hi there,

    Was looking for somewhere to donate in London. Have contacted the Solace Women’s Aid, Women’s Resilience Awareness Project but just in case I don’t hear back, please can you let me know the address /post code to send stuff to? I am leaving the country and have lots of part -used stuff that would be great to donate.



  37. Please could you provide me with a postal address? I have been looking for somewhere for ages where I can send my unused toiletries – seems such a waste to throw a pile barely used or completely new stuff away!

  38. Is there a similar “Toiletries Amnesty” in the United States? I have two big boxes full of partially used toiletries and would love to find a place that could use them. Many of the items were expensive face moisturizers.

  39. Hi,

    Great post! Do you know anywhere in Hertfordshire that accepts toiletries? Or can you share the address of where I could send some?

    Also do any places accept half used items and samples?



    1. If you do find anywhere could you please let me know too.

      I’ve a big box full of products I’ve tried, not liked etc and they have been sat in my cupboard – when they could be helping somebody.

      Widnes, runcorn or liverpool

  40. Hello
    I should be grateful for an address to send a few tubes of shaving cream and analgesic cream unopened. I also have an opened packet of incontinence pads. Any chance of donating those?

  41. Hi have body lotions shower gel sham/cond to donate. Anywhere local to Penge South East London. Don’t drive but happy to drop if local or to post. Just don’t want to throw away!

  42. Hello, could you send me a postal address please, I have some unused toiletries and cannot find a location near me. Thank you

  43. Hi,
    I have some unwanted makeup and skincare products that I would like to donate (some unopened and some partially used) – could you email me a postal address to send these to?
    Many thanks

  44. Is there anywhere in west Kent to donate toiletries. If not could you pls send address to send by post. Thank you. Brilliant idea.

  45. Is there anywhere in Newbury/Basingstoke areas that items can be taken to please? Cupboard clearing long overdue!

  46. Hello, is there anywhere in Surrey / SW London accepting toiletries? Or if not I am happy to post them! Thanks

  47. Hello, I’m looking for anywhere in North Yorkshire that takes part used shampoos, shower gels etc alternatively I’m happy to post.

  48. I have unopened breast pads and newborn pampers. Please let me know if this could be of use to you. Happy to post.

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