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Toiletries Amnesty – The Great Haul of 2014


Ahoy there soap stashers, check out this haul!

A couple of months ago, when I was in my bathroom cupboard thinking, I considered that it might be possible to be buried in a toiletries mountain. Little did I know that it was going to become a reality!

For the past couple of months, following this idea, we’ve been gathering unwanted toiletries to donate to Winter Comfort for the homeless in Cambridge.

Earlier in the week Zoe came over so we could tackle the haul and regain some living space, and well… look what happened!

2014 11 06 winter comfort toiletries amnesty 01

And, this isn’t all of it!

With the help of some very lovely people we’ve managed to gather not just enough toiletries to keep Winter Comfort going for a good few months, but also two Women and Childrens Refuges in Fenland! To everyone who donated – THANK YOU! Thank you very, very much.

2014 11 06 winter comfort toiletries amnesty 02

If you’ve got some toiletries to donate, it’s not too late – get in touch. It’s good to share!