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X Jewellery

Did you ever have popper beads when you were a kid? I remember getting some in my Christmas stocking (actually, it was a pillow case, we didn’t have stockings) and under torchlight I unwrapped them with glee. I asked Father Christmas for a torch every year, so that the ‘click’ of my bedside lamp and the glow of the light wouldn’t wake anyone else up – I hadn’t considered that the rustling of paper could not be fully deadened by the cover of duvet, or that nobody would mind. Had I known that, I could have saved much time from the careful groping of wrapped gifts whilst trying to work out which one felt most torch-like.


When I came across X Jewellery I was reminded of popper beads – the way you can mix and match, swap things about, make a necklace into a bracelet and back again. Fun, but also slightly edgy – the chunky matt chain, the bronze toned clasps and links.

According to X Jewellery ‘strong women need strong jewellery’ (I’m weaker that I look) that reflects who they are and the unique path they’ve travelled’ (If I took that too literally mine would be covered in grass and chicken poop) and ‘it’s all about you putting your bold personal stamp on each and every day’ (Oh yes, I can totally get behind that sentiment).

I don’t own a lot of jewellery, I like the odd thing (occasional, and literal) and most of the time I just don’t want to get tangled up. Like a cat in a tree with a stretchy collar, I’m very much okay with wearing a soft breakable chain around my neck.

X Jewellery have a plan, (I love it when a plan comes together) to invest 10% of the company’s annual profits in women who need financial support to achieve their dreams. They’re already supporting great projects like More Than Me – an organisation that uses education as a catalyst for transformative social change for every girl in Liberia, and later this year they’ll accept another round of applications to their fund.

‘Whatever their dream may be, if that woman is staring an obstacle in the face and needs a little financial support to achieve their dream, we want to help.’

(I dream of deep-fried coconut ice-cream filled bao buns.)

Thank you X Jewellery – for the lovely jewellery, the chance to reminisce about Christmas pillow cases and popper beads, and for doing something that helps other people too.