These Recent Things (Pork Pies & Perverts)

2016 05 18 succulent flowers 04

Outside, the bees are swarming. Busying themselves around the chimney pots, drowning out the sound of bird song. Every year the bees build a nest in the same chimney, and we’re alright with that. We’ve wondered how we might be able to fit some kind of honey tap, and been relieved that when a young jackdaw fell into the chimney, and had to be rescued via an air vent, he’d been able to survive on a protein rich diet of dead bees.

I Dont Like Peas Karen Harvey May1622

Beneath the buzz we are tending to the plants in the conservatory, waiting to be let out to play in the bank holiday sun.

2016 05 18 succulent flowers 01

2016 05 15 romanos pork pie 01

2016 05 15 romanos pork pie 02

Now, let me introduce you to the best pork pie I’ve ever come into contact with. Thank you Pork Pie God’s (AKA Baked by Romanos) for this generous gift.

After our awesome Cambridge Eat Up! pot-luck lunch, everyone came away with a goody bag heaving with foodie treats (see Jin’s photo!) My top five highlights, after this delicious pork pie, were: the salt water taffy from Canesmith, caramelised red onion marmalade from Hibiscus Lily, biscotti from Apricot and Fig, chocolate from my chums at Willie’s Cacao, and the tomato and tigernut relish from Bim’s Kitchen ( I used mine as a pasta sauce by adding an egg and some rocket).

I Dont Like Peas Karen Harvey May1612

I Dont Like Peas Karen Harvey May1613

I Dont Like Peas Karen Harvey May1600

I Dont Like Peas Karen Harvey May1628

The flyers for the Shutter Hub OPEN have arrived, and they are just beautiful.  (The image is by Kit Martin, and the design by Tim Jukes.) I’m so happy with them. The full programme is available here, if you want to check it out and come along. I’d love to see you there!

I Dont Like Peas Karen Harvey May1604

I Dont Like Peas Karen Harvey May1605

Early in the month I gave a talk with The OGC in London at a symposium called ‘Photography. Not Photographer.’ On the 9th floor of the Digital Catapult Centre, we stood in front of a wall of glass, the view over St Pancras, like some kind of super news reporters. It was a brilliant event, inspiring, and spent with some wonderful people.

Afterwards I trotted back to Kings Cross, and was still so full of joy that I didn’t really mind when I saw I’d missed my train by just one minute, and had another 59 minutes to wait for the next one. Somehow I managed to fill that time quite easily, but accidentally enabling a sex pest and spending half an hour with the police reporting it!

I’d felt sorry for the man as he tried to follow me through the turnstile to the loos. He looked ill, a bit off his face, and ill. I gave him the 30p so that he’d be able to use the toilet, in case he was going to be sick, I thought it was kindest on everyone. I was wrong. As I washed my hands, the man walked out of the cubicle behind me. Two other ladies looked at me uncomfortably and I apologised for giving him the 30p. He must have followed me in by accident, I thought. Seems not. Seems he went for a ‘pleasure’ in the ladies and then told me he’d seen me in the toilet, and some other stuff, that I’m not going to share here for three reasons, (1. My mum might read it, 2. Your mum might read it, 3. Google might shut me down!) but I am sure you can imagine, if you really want to. I was just going to leave it, because I’ve had worse experiences, but then I thought, ‘What if he does it to someone else, or thinks that because he got away with this he can take it to another level?’ So, I reported it. It was the right thing to do. The police took it very seriously, more seriously than me.

Probably the most important thing I learnt from this experience, and why I am sharing it with you, is that British Transport Police have a special number you can text to report a crime on your train or at your station discreetly. That number is 61016. Store it to your phone, and find out more here.

I Dont Like Peas Karen Harvey May1601

I Dont Like Peas Karen Harvey May1610

After the sprint at MIRA, we went to Blyton Park with Lotus on Track for a track day.  It was a beautiful sunny day, and I went backwards through a field. Here’s the onboard video, I was doing about 90mph when I took the detour! Obviously not fast enough.

In other car related news, I was asked if I’d be interested in writing about a super car experience, in relation to Father’s Day. I don’t have a dad, so I was going to hire in a fake one, but seems that’s not what they were after. Never mind. I’ll just keep driving my own car into fields!

And I did an interview (for a publication) with a chap called Tarquin. He asked me how old I was, and if I was from the West Country. I told him to eff off. He then he asked me what was the worst thing that could happen on a sprint, and I said ‘dying’ and I don’t think he thought that was a real answer, so I changed it to ‘being maimed’ and he seemed much happier.

I Dont Like Peas Karen Harvey May1602

I Dont Like Peas Karen Harvey May1621


All is well in chicken world. Patty Slipper is still sleeping in our house, and that’s just the norm now. She is so much happier and healthier. Margaret has gone broody, so we are having to turf her off the eggs and send her out into the daylight, and April, well, she’s a funny one – take a look at this!

I Dont Like Peas Karen Harvey May1608

I Dont Like Peas Karen Harvey May1609

I met up with Jackie at The Brampton Mill the other week, and having not been here for ages, I was really pleasantly surprised. We both had delicious salads (fries and aioli just out of shot!) and looked out across the river.

It was a beautiful day, and it reminded me how important it is to enjoy the seasons while they last.

I Dont Like Peas Karen Harvey May1617

I Dont Like Peas Karen Harvey May1618

I Dont Like Peas Karen Harvey May1620

I mentioned before how I’ve received some lovely post lately, and I wanted to send more. Whilst out on one of my rummaging missions I came across some postcards of Bordeaux, by a photographer named Marcel Delboy. (Alright Trigger!) Without much thought I picked them up for Jaime, who’d recently made a trip there, and popped them in the post. Little did I know it would make her ugly cry! Apparently it was good-ugly though, and that’s alright. She even wrote a lovely tale about receiving them here, and reading that gave me goose pimples, so I think that was a fair exchange!

Let me know if you want me to send you something in the post that will bring you to tears!

(Don’t worry, I didn’t pick that rat up!)

A Pot-luck Lunch with Cambridge Eat Up!

2016 05 14 cambridge eat up pot luck 24

At the end of last summer Aoife and I, inspired by our love of sharing food (providing there’s enough to go round of course), put on a Photography Picnic in Cambridge supported by Pink Lady® Apples, the people behind the Food Photographer of the Year awards.

We invited people we knew through different means and reached out to local groups, we invited bloggers, friends, and food lovers. Everyone was keen and excited to be involved (apart from one person who sent multiple messages of hate – but you know, there’s always one!) and on a lovely sunny evening we sat down and shared photography skills, cocktails, food and fun.

It was the first time I saw Claire’s glittering trainers, and where Alex coined the term  ‘a whisper of gin’, which I may never forget. I also met a dog called Troy and an aura reading jester. That’s got to be a good sign, right?

We had to do this again. We had to start a food gang!

‘Food team assemble!’ I cried, as I held a golden breadstick to the sky, lightning struck, thunder crashed, and a new era dawned. Actually, I just went on Facebook and set up a group.

‘Cambridge Eat Up!’ was born, hatched from a cornflake cake, raised on syrup, left to run free, nurtured by good people.

Now at almost 100 members, I know I am lucky to have been able connect with such a diverse group of people. We are friends and equals. We are scientists and artists, chefs and doctors, bakers, business owners, writers, photographers, bloggers, and so many other wonderful things, and we all share a love of food.

We hang out and have dinner, swap recipes and books and things, and generally just share good stuff and support each other. It’s pretty special.

2016 05 14 cambridge eat up pot luck 22

2016 05 14 cambridge eat up pot luck 40

Anyway, enough gushing about ‘team awesome’. This year we took part in the fabulous EAT Cambridge festival fringe and held our own pot-luck lunch, hosted so kindly by Pina, one of the most organised people I have ever met!

2016 05 14 cambridge eat up pot luck 38

2016 05 14 cambridge eat up pot luck 37

It was a delightful day. Everyone brought along a dish or two to share and we just sat out on Pina’s (and Paulo’s!) deck, enjoying the good weather, delicious food, great hospitality and wonderful company.

We ate our way through some of the most superb food (and my custard tarts!) all made with thought and care by our fellow pot-luck lunchers. So, look away if you are even slightly hungry, because… it’s food time!

2016 05 14 cambridge eat up pot luck 01
2016 05 14 cambridge eat up pot luck 08

Helen’s beautiful bread,  Gina’s rhubarb and amaretti cake with orange and rosemary syrup,  Naomi’s Crostata.

2016 05 14 cambridge eat up pot luck 10

2016 05 14 cambridge eat up pot luck 09

2016 05 14 cambridge eat up pot luck 13

2016 05 14 cambridge eat up pot luck 11

Aoife’s broccoli and hazelnut salad, Gina’s chilli and fennel cheese crackers, Paola’s quiche, Lisa’s Cobb salad.

2016 05 14 cambridge eat up pot luck 28

2016 05 14 cambridge eat up pot luck 15

2016 05 14 cambridge eat up pot luck 27

Alison’s Piragi, Deepa’s Dhokla, Lyndsey’s rosemary and parmesan madeleines.

2016 05 14 cambridge eat up pot luck 50

2016 05 14 cambridge eat up pot luck 46

2016 05 14 cambridge eat up pot luck 42

2016 05 14 cambridge eat up pot luck 14

Paola’s gluten free blueberry and cranberry cake, Jin’s soft strawberry swiss roll (with Katt’s dropped ice-cream cake in the background),  Lyndsey’s miniature melting moments, Michelle’s chocolate and quinoa bark.

2016 05 14 cambridge eat up pot luck 34

2016 05 14 cambridge eat up pot luck 35

2016 05 14 cambridge eat up pot luck 47

2016 05 14 cambridge eat up pot luck 49

Sue’s pretty rhubarb snow, my not-so-pretty custard tarts, and a plate full of goodies, including Jin’s superb pandan and black sesame chiffon cake. Wowzers.

There was so much good food, and I was most happy to have a gingery drink to go with it. These Thor apple soft drinks are delicious. In my world all drinks should be gingery or minty, or tea’y.

2016 05 14 cambridge eat up pot luck 20

2016 05 14 cambridge eat up pot luck 21

I was so busy participating in the eating (and totally excelling at it. High five, Harvey hotdog!) that I didn’t manage to get detailed photos of all the goodies – like Jess’s teeny cheese scones and tasty falafel, Michelle’s Jersey Royal and rocket salad, Ozzy’s Frikadellen, Nazima’s chickpea and potato curry, Kelly’s puff pastry rolls with spinach, feta and ricotta, her beautiful beetroot and rocket salad, or Stella’s impressive dulce de leche brownies. Mmm yum. I may have missed something else. Oh yeah, the goody bags… gulp!

Join us next time if you’d like… bring biscuits!

Go team!

Lotus Cup UK Speed Championship 2016 – MIRA (Round 3)

2016 05 07 Lotus Cup UK Speed Championship mira round 3 01

When we left for MIRA, the wrong side of 6am, the sun was already out, forcing it’s way through the early morning mist and promising to make the day warm and lovely.

Personally, I’m not hugely keen on MIRA as a track, but The Bentley Drivers Club are such a lovely bunch (they really are) and they are so welcoming to us, that it balances things out for me somewhat. Plus they have a Tag Heuer touch screen timing station, or ‘log machine’ as Adam called it, and proper toilets, with glass basins and clean floors. Winning.

2016 05 07 Lotus Cup UK Speed Championship mira round 3 04

After the briefing we all climbed into (and onto, for those vintage Bentley drivers!) our cars, and drove out for a convoyed sighting lap of the track, which was brilliant. Much better than walking the course (because, at least for me, I think it enables you to judge distances and track conditions much better) and I do believe it may have actually encouraged more cars to stay on the tarmac for the rest of the day!

Simon Foley had a brief moment of worry when his car decided it couldn’t make the whole lap and wafted the strong scent of fuel at him. He was quickly recovered by the marshals and in the paddock the issue was found and fixed. Job done.

I’ve been to MIRA twice before, and I still have no idea where the track goes! Sitting low in the car, driving the track, with the raised grass around me and flat landscape, I struggled to find things to familiarise myself with. You cannot use wild dandelions as reliable marker points, it seems.

The two practices weren’t too bad, first one for familiarisation, second one for trying a bit more to push myself round blind corners with confidence. Pah!

Somehow we managed an almost two hour long lunch break. The sun was bright and warm, there was a slight breeze, and I’d been well behaved and baked three dozen Portuguese custard tarts to share round. Seriously, we could have been in the Mediterranean! (Hmm, maybe I do live in a utopian bubble?!)

2016 05 07 Lotus Cup UK Speed Championship mira round 3 03

After a wobbly start off the line, I managed 60.03 for my first timed run. Adam managed 58.22 with more wobbles, and a flame from the exhaust pipe. I should have just given up there and then!

I was ready to be an amazing on my second run and surprise everyone with my rad skillz. I started well and I was off to a good start, I felt, but then… what’s this? As I began to gather speed I spotted some kind of debris in front of me. Oh no! Big black boulders of doom! On the track were massive chunks of tarmac, egg-sized, and scattered across the first corner where I was still accelerating.

I slowed a little as the car went over them, I had to, it felt like it slid one way, then the other. I carried on, but it had slowed my speed into the next section of track, which happened to be a place where I could go flat out, so there was no way of gaining anything back here.

I did keep trying but I was disappointed. Xav and Simon had also been put off by the boulders. I went and reported it to the marshals. I thought about asking for a re-run for us all, but the rain had started and the opportunity had passed.

It turned out to be Pidgeon mess on the track – Andy had had an over-excited spin!

I had managed to get my time under 60, at 59.91, and only 0.19 seconds behind the next driver, but, that still put me at the bottom of my class. (Now, had I been in another class, this could have been a different story and I could have been cheering about trophies instead of whinging about being last!)

Production class definitely seems to be the most competitive, and I’m not just saying that to appease my ego!

Stuart and Mark both got 56.78, and Adam 56.79. That’s close, and kind of weird, when you think about it.

In Supersport, after both timed runs Russell and James both had exactly the same times with 55.96, but the win went to Russell as his first timed run was faster than James’.

2016 05 07 Lotus Cup UK Speed Championship mira round 3 02

And our winners are… drum roll… Prince impression by Phoebe… whooping and cheering in the marquee…

1st Nigel Hannam, 2nd Xavier Brooke, 3rd Phil Stratton-Lake
Production Modified:
1st Stephen Morrison, 2nd Simon Foley, 3rd Andrew Pidgeon
1st Russell Whitworth, 2nd James Tubby, 3rd Martin Roberts
Supersport Modified:
1st Duncan Fraser, 2nd Paul Neale

Such a good day – great people, great cars, and Simon Foley had a stash of lollipops with him. Hooray!

These Recent Things (Photography & The Fen)

karen harvey april 26

Spring has most definitely sprung and I’ve leapt into life like some kind of ‘should have been road-kill’ kangaroo on a bonza mission.

The evening before we flew out to Mumbai I gave at talk to London Independent Photography on ‘Developing Your Photographic Practice’. It was great, not only because the audience were awesome and asked so many questions that we over-ran massively, but also because the corridors, stairwells and lifts of the London Metropolitan University were full of posters with my face on and arrows pointing to the lecture room – basically, personalised directions!

Mumbai was wonderful. I wrote a few things about staying at The Taj Mahal Palace,  and the amazing Street Food Tour we went on, and then I jumbled everything together to share a few of my favourite things, in a slide-show side-show kind of way! 


karen harvey april 04

Back from Mumbai, we headed down to the Irish Embassy to celebrate the fortieth anniversary of Books Ireland, the grown up business-baby of my sweet friend Aoife’s lovely parents. We ogled the cars of Belgravia then had Guinness and macarons, and canapés of proper Irish black pudding under the golden ceiling of an opulent glowing room full of good people.

karen harvey april 07

The evening was thoroughly enjoyable, but then we were hit by the lingering memories of India, (or, the Mumbai Bumbyes as it became known) and found ourselves obsessing over our own personal toilets.

For the rest of the week the only thing we left the house for was to sign our wills. (Totally un-bumbye related – it wasn’t that bad!) We wanted to make sure that if anything happens to either of us, the other would be protected. It makes sense. Also I want to ensure that if I die there’s no fighting over my taxidermy crow and it will go straight to my friend Rob. He thinks he might die first, so he’s going to leave me a piñata, made from his neighbours dog.

karen harvey april 20

karen harvey april 02

karen harvey april 10

At home I’ve been appreciating the garden, the spring growth, the little Robin hoping around on the grass, and the wonky wood pigeon limping his way around the lawn. I also tried to shoot a rat. Fen life.

The chicken hierarchical system has changed, there’s been a restructure. Dear ginger Belinda has died – we don’t know why. We found her on the lawn, eyes closed, her lovely big body slumped down in the grass.

Patty Slipper used to sleep under ginger Belinda every night, keeping warm and safe, and hidden. Now she’s exposed and has been noticed by Sasha. Every time Patty tried to get in the house, Sasha would chase her off. Then Patty started trying to sleep on a piece of wood outside, and that wasn’t ideal. When it got dark, Adam or I would pick her up and pop her in the chicken house, but in the morning Sasha would bully her even more. Then we thought, ‘Hey! What if Sasha thinks there’s some kind of chicken shamanism going on and that Patty Slipper is a shape shifter?!’ So we decided, after Sasha pecked both of Patty’s eyelids, it was safer to keep them separate at night. Patty Slipper now sleeps in our back hall. She’s much happier. She skips out of the back door in the morning and doesn’t seem as afraid. She’s not scared of MoJo at all (although he is a bit unsure about her) and she’s not so scared of me either!

karen harvey april 24

karen harvey april 21

karen harvey april 27

I had an amazing few days in Derby, speaking at the National Photography Symposium, then giving portfolio reviews and the Shutter Hub Award at FORMAT International Photography Festival.  I came away feeling inspired, happy, and slightly embarrassed – you know me! I met some wonderful people and I was genuinely thrilled to have been able to be part of such great events. If you’re thinking about going to FORMAT next year, do it!

I also hosted a session at Beach Blanket Babylon with The Bloggers Hangout on the importance of paying photographers. I’m not sure if anyone was listening though!

karen harvey april 18

karen harvey april 17

karen harvey april 15

In Shutter Hub land we’ve got masses of wonderful things coming up. I hope you’ll come along, get involved, tell your friends, hang out with us…

As part of our Shutter Hub OPEN 2016 in Cambridge this year there will be: photography exhibitions across three venues, a portfolio review with some superb industry professionals (check them out!), a free meet up event for chats and fun and idea sharing, a workshop with Sara Tasker of Me & Orla, and an array of fabulous talks – Justin Carey on night photography, Kate O’Neill & Jackie King on making it work in the photographic industry, Mariah Wilde on ‘making money from your art, the charity Photovoice on their work and how you can get involved and more. I don’t know how we do it!

karen harvey april 23

karen harvey april 25

karen harvey april 11

I’ve received some lovely letters lately (which makes me realise I need to send more post) and had some fun times with a lot of good people. In general I feel like I’ve been shown a lot of positivity lately, and for that I am grateful. Thank you! Oh, there was that angry man that I encountered in the pit lane at Hethel on Sunday, but that turned out fine in the end and I realised later, I should have just squirted my windscreen washers at him to dampen his rage – next time!

Funny thing. Adam went to get some stuff from the car on Saturday morning and found a whole family in fancy hats having their photograph taken, (with golden reflectors and everything) in front of our twisted willow (or, as I like to call it ‘the dead witches tree’). That seemed a bit random, but it was topped this morning by a man with a bucket picking dandelions for his canaries.

Lotus Cup UK Speed Championship 2016 – Hethel (Round 2)

2016 06 01 lotus cup uk speed championship hethel round 2 05

It had been six weeks since our last sprint and it seemed like forever. I had a couple of weeks without being able to drive anywhere, being chauffeured to work by Adam and wrangling crutches like a weak armed monkey.

The physiotherapist had been adamant it was too early for me to return to driving, but listening to him would have been boring. Then there was the guy in the supermarket who randomly started telling me about the dangers of motor-racing and how he’d seen a lot of old footage of cars launching into the crowds and decapitating everyone. Listening to him was not boring, but it was a bit weird.

I wasn’t expecting to have a good day, or to do well. After Snetterton I wasn’t even sure if I wanted to sprint anymore.

We released the chickens into the garden and headed off into the wilds of Norfolk. I followed Adam down the road in the Elise, using the journey to get used to driving the car again. He hit a pigeon with a smash, sending a large feathery fountain over the car and I couldn’t tell if I should take this as a good or bad omen.

The sun was shining over lovely Hethel. I felt ready to see what would happen when I got out onto the track of awesomeness.

2016 06 01 lotus cup uk speed championship hethel round 2 01

We stood in the pit lane, second drivers, waiting for our turn, watching over the track as the cars rushed past. An orange single-seater came to a halt on the other side of the track, perfectly placed in front of a marshal, flames licking from the engine. The driver leapt from the cockpit and we looked on in amazement. ‘Fire!’ shouted Xav, running to grab an extinguisher and offering to help. The marshal on our side of the track said that he couldn’t let Xav go onto the live track, which is totally fair and safe, but we felt for the driver as he watched the marshal meander over to him and struggle to get the fire extinguisher working as the car burnt on for just a few more seconds. Eventually, they put it out.

Adam was queueing up, second from the start line at this point, so I thought, to save him worrying about what might be happening the other side of the pit wall, I’d go and let him know. Turns out, he was asleep. Asleep!

Once the track was clear, and Adam had woken up and taken his practice, it was my turn. As I drove along the pit lane I stopped and asked if they wanted to send the car behind me, Xav, out in front of me, because he is a much faster driver. I was worried he’d catch me up and I’d ruin his practice. I was told to let the guys on the start line know, and they’d leave a bit of extra space.

I really did try to tell them when I got there, but I was met by rage! I stopped about two metres from the line, to speak to the man there, but he was furious, he wanted me to get to the line. I wanted to speak to him – at least, I thought I did! He told me he didn’t have time for my questions, that I was ruining the day, that I’d ruined the racing for everyone! I can’t remember everything else he said because I was just so shocked, but it did involve a lot of aggressive shouting on his part, and a bit of frustrated crying on mine.

I went off the line, tears bulging on the edge of my eyelashes, vision blurred, disappointed that I’d let such a ridiculous man upset me. My time was actually okay, considering. Phoebe said that I needed to find more anger for more speed. I went and found Martin and told him what had happened. Everyone took it seriously, which was good. Nobody thought I was a silly crying girl, which was good. The angry little man had run away, which was good.

2016 06 01 lotus cup uk speed championship hethel round 2 03

Organisational problems (that were nothing to do with me, I hasten to add!), and the fact that it was already lunchtime and they’d only just got all 100 cars out, meant that we had to agree to not to take our second practice and to have just two timed runs, otherwise the entire day would not count towards our championships.

Luckily Xav’s daughter had sent him well prepared with an excellent array of cakes, so the disappointment was appeased, for me, by a very good and sticky cornflake cake.

2016 06 01 lotus cup uk speed championship hethel round 2 04

The time for the timed runs came round and I headed off the line with gusto. 1st gear, 2nd gear, 5th gear… balls! Then I got cramp in my foot. The involuntary muscle spasm dispersed and I carried on, reaching the second chicane, braking too late and trying to use the power of wang to get me round the corner. The car spun to the left, then snapped back to the right. I was facing the wrong way on the track, ‘Bloody hell Karen!’ I said as I turned it around and carried on. ‘What next?’

Well, next, I caught up with the car in front of me! I know, so wrong, but so funny! I sat behind him, trying not to be pushy, but willing him to go faster. I think I might have helped him to get his fastest time of the day. Hooray for teamwork!

I pulled into the pit lane and was sent straight up to the start line for a re-run. ‘Don’t worry Karen,’ I was told, ‘The track is completely clear, you’ll be the only car out there, you’ve got nothing to worry about.’ The lights changed to green and I floored the throttle, then I spotted the red flags. Hang on a minute! I couldn’t work out what was going on, but I brought the car back in, again. Turns out it wasn’t a clear track after all, might have been a bunch of men and a transit van out there, you know!

Re-run number two went without any problems, aside from the slipping clutch because the car was too hot. My time was 147.97 and I was alright with that.

It was all kind of fun. A bit ridiculous, but funny.

My second run was good. I felt happy with my driving and the car. My time was 145.26 and this put me in 6th position, out of 12. Yes, I’m pretty chuffed with that!

Just for comparison, and so I can show that I really have improved and the competition really has got tougher – this time last year my best time was 157.12, and if I could time travel back a year with this new result I would have achieved 2nd place!

What started off as a bad day, and was actually quite bizarre, turned into a good day. Sometimes when you expect nothing you are rewarded with something.

Anyway, less philosophising, and more appreciating how well everyone did…

1st Nigel Hannam, 2nd Xavier Brooke, 3rd Adam Ruck
Production Modified:
1st Martin Scarfe, 2nd Simon Foley, 3rd Andrew Pidgeon
1st Andy Hughes, 2nd Martin Roberts, 3rd James Tubby
Supersport Modified:
1st Duncan Fraser, 2nd Jason Weatherall, 3rd Nick Emery

A round of applause for you all!